Brokerage Services

DaLand Solutions can optimize your credit union's CORE/DP, EFT, and ancillary services vendor selection and partnership formation process. Contact DaLand today to learn how our unique, innovative, and efficient process can become your path to strategic vendor success.

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Enterprise Solutions

At DaLand, we keep the dream factory churning 24x7. This means our clients always have options. From simple scripts and reports to custom development and home-grown solutions, contact DaLand today to learn how our Enterprise Solutions team can turn your challenge into a triumph.

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Implementation Solutions

Achieve your goals and critical objectives or implement your newest solution by outsourcing your project management using DaLand's proven method of managing credit union projects.

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  • "Technology is therefore no mere means. Technology is a way of revealing. If we give heed to this, then another whole realm for the essence of technology will open itself up to us. It is the realm of revealing, i.e., of truth."

    — Martin Heidegger

  • "By utilizing Dan and Jon as our project managers for our credit card conversion, we not only received additional industry insight and experience, but we also gained strong advocates on our behalf when dealing with difficult issues between us and our vendors. Their participation in our project was invaluable."

    — Les Bois Credit Union

  • "Daland Solutions assisted our Credit Union with Core Data Processing and Credit Card vendor competitive analysis. Their project team dug deep to match the right vendors and products for our specific needs. With their knowledge of the marketplace and contract negotiation skills we saved over 30% off our prior expenditures. I would highly recommend them."

    — Denver Fire Credit Union

  • "Identity is not a brand, a slogan, an image, or a logo. Identity is a powerful purpose and a higher goal. Identity is what makes it possible and probable that people will relate to your credit union. It's the language, values, and purpose of the institution; and it is these words and ways of doing business which allow your community and membership to be attracted to you and appreciate your presence."

    — DaLand Solutions

  • "Sooper Credit Union values our relationship with DaLand Solutions. DaLand has partnered with us in identifying key technologies for our credit union and served as an integral resource in achieving internal project and strategic goals. DaLand has helped us lower operating expenses and facilitated a number of successful member focused initiatives."

    — Sooper Credit Union

  • "Progress is not the mere correction of evils. Progress is the constant replacing of the best there is with something still better."

    — Edward Filene

  • "When our credit union had two major product evaluations within the same year, we knew efficiency was paramount in aligning the right vendors; asking the right questions and making the right decisions. We turned to DaLand Solutions to guide out efforts. DaLand kept us focused on the right things and helped us insure we rated all vendors fairly, using consistent criteria. We are very happy with the outcomes of both projects and highly value the partnership brought to these projects."

    — Air Academy Federal Credit Union

  • "DaLand has been instrumental in directing our CUSO and credit unions through the core software RFP process. Their guidance, innovative process, and professionalism I feel is unequaled in the consulting field."

    — TriCUE

  • "DaLand Solutions has been a valued partner of Columbine Federal Credit Union. We rely heavily on Jon and Dan for their project management services when implementing new technology to ensure that the implementation runs smoothly. We've also used their core selection services, which allowed us to easily evaluate several different cores and select the solution that best meets the needs of our Credit Union. I would highly recommend DaLand to any credit union looking at implementing new technology or converting cores, as their expertise will help ensure that the project will be a success."

    — Columbine Credit Union

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